Dr. med. dent. Claudia Ricken

Exact planning and experience is the key to successful orthodontic treatment.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. med. dent. Claudia Ricken (DDS, MCFCsc)

  • High School, Bensheim
  • Study of Medicin and Dentistry (Dijon/Marburg)
  • Stay: USA/USC LA, Douane Grummons
  • Dissertation: spine and facial headache in TMJ Disorder
  • Scientific Employee Uni Bonn/Pediatric Dentistry
  • Craniofacial Surgical Practice/Andernach, Continuing Oral Surgery
  • Scientific Employee Uni Mainz/Orthodontics
  • Recognition as a specialist for orthodontics
  • Practical Foundation in American private practice with Douglas Toll DDS, BadSoden/Taunus
  • Practical Foundation in Bensheim as a orthodontic specialist
  • 2 year Training DÄGAK kinesiology for medical professionals
  • Further education eligibility 4 years for orthodontic specialist
  • KZVH consultant for orthodontics
  • Founding Forum-Eulenhof
  • Author at Thieme medical publishing house, speaker activity
  • Appointment to the Continuing Education Committee Orthodontics of LZK-Hessen
  • University of Basel (Switzerland) Master’s degree: Master of Craniofacial Kinetic Science (MCFKSc)

Get familiar with

Craniofacial Kinetic Science

In Switzerland, the medicine of the mountains connects with high-tech medicine in an unexciting way. The successful integration of both systems is important to us in our treatment philosophy. We treat out patients according to the Basel University concept of Craniofacial Kinetic Science. The aim is to rehabilitate by using this body-oriented functional therapy. It is used as an adjuvant supplement in oral and facial surgery surgery surgery, orthodontic corrections or logopedic therapies. The internationally recognised program qualifies for activities in the diagnosis and treatment of patients as well as for teaching, research and counselling in Craniofacial Kinetic Science at numerous departments in clinics, rehabilitation centers, in therapeutic institutions, universities and training institutions around the world.

Publications of medical Books

Dr. Ricken is the author of specialist books on craniomandibular dysfunctions and orthodontics for the Thieme medical  publishing house.

Therapy of TMJ pain

A treatment concept for dentists, orthodontists and physiotherapists, Wolfgang Stelzenmüller and Jan Wiesner, 2010

Jaws, face and Cervicalregion

Neuromuskuloskeletale Examination, therapy and management, Harry J.M. of Piekartz, 2014


  • Society for Functional Diagnostics, Annual Meeting Bad Nauheim
  • Congress for Complementary Medicine, Baden-Baden
  • Annual Meeting of Pediatricians, Stuttgart
  • Orthodontic Department, University Hospital Frankfurt, ERASMUS
  • International College of Craniomandibulär Disorder (ICCMO), Würzburg
  • Orthodontic department, University Hospital Mainz
  • Society for Holistic Dentistry, Hamburg
  • Crafta Berlin
  • Douglas Toll Society, Bad Soden
  • Hessian Dental Society, Frankfurt
  • Forum-Eulenhof, Eppelsheim/Bensheim
  • Orthodontic Department, University Hospital Homburg/Saar
  • University of Health, Osnabrück

Specialist Training Programm

We are happy to give the special concept of our treatment to qualified specialists in several training programms. In dual project with university you can complete specialist training as an orthodontist in our office. Due to continuous training, we are up-to-date. The treatment complies with the current quality guidelines of the National Dental Association and this benefits to our patients. International medical visitors are wellcome. Limited one-year-trainee places are avaiable.

Independent Expertship

Dr. Ricken is an official accepted independent reviewer of the POS Dental Association of the State of Hessen.

Specialist-Society Member

  • European Orthodontic Society, EOS
  • American Association Orthodontics, AAO
  • Gesellschaft für Ganzheitliche Zahnmedizin, GZM
  • Deutsche Ärztegesellschaft für Applied Kinesiologie, DÄGAK
  • International College of Craniomandibular Disoders, ICCMO
  • Prüfungsausschuss zur Abschlussprüfung zum Facharzt für Kieferorthopädie der LZKH
  • Gutachterausschuss der KZV-Hessen
  • Dt. Gesellschaft für Zahn-Mund- und Kieferheilkunde, DGZMK
  • Bundesverband deutscher Kieferorthopäden, BDK
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