You should not see dental corrections. But their results.

Invisible tooth corrections are possible today.


Invisible Treatment


The beautyful Face

Style your Smile

Braces for you

The invisible Way to straight Teeth

A brillant smile is the most beautiful expression of vitality, success and joie de vivre. Take advantage of our more than 25 years of experience in adult orthodontics, because orthodontic treatment of adult patients requires a lot of know-how in the selection of forces acting. Only gentle forces and targeted moments of strength can ensure that the teeth are not harmed by the treatment.

Periodontal disease and Prosthodontics

We also use existing Implants to gently move teeth or use mini-implants to optimize tooth position in  prosthodontic rehabilitation.  Periodontosis disease causes sometimes heavily wandered und unfriendly looking teeth. Those cases can be restored to a beautiful smile by orthodontic treatment. We often run a so-called Preprosthetic orthodontics. Because the optimal dentures sometimes require a small pre-treatment, for example for veneers in the upper jaw front. You will be amazed at what is possible to give yourselve a nice smile again.

Temporo-Mandibular-Joint Disorder (TMJ)

When the TMJ hurts and clicks.


Head-, Neck- and Jaw pain.





TMJ Dysfunktion

Head, jaw and facial pain are often summarized in terms of. Any bite problem can lead to a CMD. For our patients, who always have a malposition, we therefore care for a manual functional status of the dental system. Together with their osteopath, physiotherapist, homeopath or orthopaedic doctor, an individual treatment concept is developed. The body can regenerate on a whole level during orthodontic treatment and functional therapy.

Relaxed muscles work better

Relaxed muscles work better

In an ideal position, our muscles work with minimal effort. If the body comes out of balance, it can decompensate. There will be pain in many areas, including the jaw and face area. However, the cause of tension may be a far away from the pain aerea. We treat pain that is muscular or jaw-oriented. Our electromyographic examination helps determine muscle dysfunction (Myocentric). Teeth should not only be beautiful, they should be well aligned with the body system.

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