Kinetic Orthodontics


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For 25 Years, we have specialized in Orthodontics for adult Patients. This always means a complicated planning of forces and moments, so pre-damaged teeth are not additionaly  altered by orthodontics. Many patients who decide to have braces have painful experiences with disorders in the area of the temporomandibular joint and chewing muscles. Functional aspects as well as high demands on the aesthetics during the orthodontic treatmen are always taken into account in our treatment planning.


We also treat many children, because the sooner we start, the more stability we can create. We particular care for early natural training to eliminate bite dysfunction. So we can reduce braces to an absolutely minimum. So style your smile the natural way.

Functional Testing

We investigate the interaction between bite and body with functional muscle testing.


Bite and Body



Dental- Splint


Bioaesthetics in Orthodontics

We produce patient’s natural beauty and functional optimum with the help of materials suitable for this individual Human. Aesthetics and health are closely related. We find beautiful what is in functional balance. In orthodontic treatment, we only use Materials from well-known american, german or swiss made manufacturers. Our guarantee of the hight quality ensures our own dental specialist laboratory. So we know what material our Patients have in their Mouths. If desired, we test your material compatibility and select the optimal for your special treatment.

Bite and Body in Dialog

In my practice, orthodontics in children and adults follow the idea  “nearly unvisible and maximally attuned to our Bodies.” Good jaw correction is only possible taking into account the cause of the malposition, which is usually found in the body system. For example:  our tooth contacts change by the different foot position. Proven fazscial chains of function in our body create a connection from head to toe. The Foundation of  our Forum Eulenhof  is intended to provide a platform for this Concept.

Find a specialist trained in our office: D/CH/GB

We are happy to give the special concept of our treatment to young colleagues, to qualify specialists. It is possible to complete 4 years specialist training as an orthodontist in the dual project with universities in our practice. The training is based on the Master Program for holistic treatment strategy in the interdisciplinary therapy of the University of Basel (CranioFacial Kinetik Science).

If you are looking for a colleague, who has been extensively trained in our office as a specialist we would be happy to help you:

Praxis Prof. Dr. A. Zehntner
Frau Dr. Viktoria Zehntner

St. Gallen/Ch
Praxis Dr. Tim Schröder
Herr Dr. Tim Schröder

Praxis Dr. Thorsten Krey
Frau Dr. Hannah Frank

Praxis Dr. Mehnert
Frau Dr. Juliane Mehnert

Praxis Dr. Bimler
Frau Dr. Helen Diebolder

Praxis Dr. Sostmann
Frau Dr. Friederike Kobbe

London, Kings -College
Dr. Ann-Christin Beckmann
Orthodontic Department Bister, Dirk DDS

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