Early Bird Treatment

The sooner the better

The shape follows the function. As early as possible, we bring the jaw and body into a harmonious dialogue through functional orthodontic training. This allows us to guarantee short treatment times and often avoid fixed braces in orthodontics.



Functional Appliance

Bionator, Fränkel and Co.


Bite and Body

Early Bird gets the Worm!

Treated in time, malpositions and consequential damage of teeth in children and adolescents are usually easy  to avoid. With our youngest patients, we work according to the maxim gently but effectively. We promote natural bite development and thus guarantee an efficient and permanently stable tooth and jaw correction. We treat according to the American two-phase concept. This can prevent complicate treatment modalities in 78% of our patients.

Straight teeth the natural Way.

At the age of 4-9 years, the child’s mouth healthy development is improved in a gentle and effective training phase. Our myofunctional workout naturally promotes the body posture, breathing and development of children. The aim is to avoid orthodontic treatment or to reduce it to a minimum. Short treatment times are important to us.

At about 12-14 years of age, simple tooth position can still be corrected in the second phase. If necessary at all, the final orthodontic correction in our practice therefore lasts only just less than a year.

Style your Smile

Invisible or colorful

Choose your favorite design.

Style your Smile





Bite Corrector

Thats your Choice!

A brillant smile is the most beautiful expression of vitality, success and joie de vivre. In addition, straight teeth are the best guarantee for correct strain and long lasting toothhealth. Do you want a solution that is as efficient as it is inconspicuous? With us, everyone finds a way to have their teeth corrected.

Style your smile!

Do not forget your Floss!

We want you to need braces only for a short time. For this, we depend on your help. Well cleaned teeth can be moved faster. We therefore train with you how to care for your teeth quickly and effectively and your dentist supports you with professional tooth cleaning. So lets work together!

Your beautiful smile makes us happy!

Importance of professional dental Cleaning

Oral Hygiene Care

We help you to take care of your teeth. Prophylaxis for a brillant smile after your orthodontic correction. Your friendly dental practice, which has sent you to us, provides dental check-ups during orthodontic treatment.  Your dental hygenist in your dental office, cleans your teeth professionally during your orthodonic treatment every 3 month.

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